CGS 2021 is upon us. Hopefully we will get a full year of golf.

We are running from April – December. As always, best 6 scores out of the 9 months will be totalled up and the best over the year will be crowned our champ.

Chilli Shield will run from July-October. All 18 will take part in July. There will be 2 matches of 3 people so if drawn in one of those 2 you have 2 people’s scores to beat. Then usual quarters, semi and final following that. Final, as always, will be matchplay.

April, May and June will be the old format of playing the course at any point in the month. July onwards will be specific dates and if you can’t make that date then you won’t post a score for that month.

April – Chelsfield

May – Lullingstone

June – Darenth

July 18th – Boughton

August 8th – Poult Wood – Chilli 1/4 finals

John V Kirk


Max V Dave

Burge V Jay

September 12th – West Maling

Dave V JB

John V Burge

October 10th – The Ridge

JB V John

November 14th – Weald of Kent

December 5th – Southern