Well, this year has been a disaster but onwards and upwards to next year!!

We did manage to crown a new Chilli Shield champion; young Tom defeating Paul 4&2 in the final to take that crown. Aside from that we’ve not had much to shout about with only 2 society days in the whole year.

CGS main championship will return in 2021. New handicaps for most. Tom is out to defend his crown and Team Blue can end their 2 year wait to take the Ryder Cup trophy from the reds!

The dates for the society 2021 are below. Aside from March, we’ll still go with the winner picking the next months course. June will be “play when you can” (the old format) due to the tour bring the same month:

Sunday 14th March – Southern Valley
Sunday 11th April
Sunday 9th May
June –
Sunday 18th July
Sunday 8th August
Sunday 12th September
Sunday 10th October
Sunday 14th November