Camden Golf Society:

* Each month will be scored on a Stableford points system based on your handicap. Each course must be played with at least 1 other society member.

* If anyone chooses to play the course twice in a month they must state (before their first round) which one will be their official score.

* The winner of the month will choose the course to be played the following month.

* The society will run from March-November. Over the 9 months, the best 6 scores for each player will be taken and the highest total will be the champion.

* If your handicap is .5 then it is rounded up for that month. (E.g. 17.5 will play as 18)

* If there is a tie for 1st place in Stableford scores the winner will be decided by count back. This will be scored 3 holes at a time going back from the 18th until there is a winner.

* The handicap adjustments will be based on the following (although this can alter depending on conditions, average scores, etc):

– 28 points and under, gain 0.5 shots back;

– 29-35 points, no change;

– 36 points, lose 0.5 shots;

– 37 points upwards, lose at least 1 shot. Going up in 0.5 increments per point.

* Society chairman’s decision is final.


Camden Ghost Chilli Shield:

* Due to the numbers in the society, there will be 7 matches in May. The winners of each tie PLUS the best scoring loser will progress. The draw for this will take place in April.

* Draw for the quarter finals will take place in May, after all players have submitted their cards.

* The competition will run from May-August as a knockout.

* The first round, quarter finals and semi finals will be scored via Stableford scores for that particular month.

* The final will be competed as Matchplay. 3/4 handicaps between the 2 players to determine number of shots higher handicap player gets. A 3/4 of .5 is rounded up. (Stableford scores still to be recorded for the main society)