July 2023 – Cave

1st round proper of the Chilli Shield this month. Can Burgey continue the defence of his crown…

StrokePointsRunning Total
Kirk Weyman092
Dave Lee27159
Kaan Son0131
Lee Burge28148
Jason Barran0106
Dan Marchant21116
Rob Robinson32143
Mike Harvey990
Neil Philpott23134
Jim Perkins057
John Lee0130
Loul Lee0125
Mark Harris35109
Jay Lee38153
Ben Whitehead21132
Paul Smith25122
Tom Pullen0127
Max Davidson000
Mike Connolly29153
Ben Cotter0122
Joe Hills3390
Dave Warburton089
Paul Fernandez24122
Glen Dowdell24107
Ken Dillon03892
Lee Philpott29121