March 2023 – Maylands

After Cobtree threatened to derail the start of the new season, we managed to get out round a very wet course across the pond. Let the new season commence….

StrokePointsRunning Total
Kirk Weyman2222
Dave Lee2929
Kaan Son2828
Lee Burge2424
Jason Barran2626
Dan Marchant000
Rob Robinson2626
Mike Harvey2222
Neil Philpott2929
Jim Perkins2929
John Lee3232
Loul Lee2929
Mark Harris000
Jay Lee2728
Ben Whitehead2525
Paul Smith2121
Tom Pullen3131
Max Davidson000
Mike Connolly2727
Ben Cotter3737
Joe Hills2323
Dave Warburton3030
Paul Fernandez2525
Glen Dowdell2020
Ken Dillon1919
Lee Philpott000