May 2023 – North Downs

3rd round of the season. New course for most. Last round before Ryder Cup 2023 so who goes there on form…..

StrokePointsRunning Total
Kirk Weyman2070
Dave Lee3596
Kaan Son40105
Lee Burge2991
Jason Barran2283
Dan Marchant3066
Rob Robinson2983
Mike Harvey2081
Neil Philpott2687
Jim Perkins2857
John Lee3499
Loul Lee3197
Mark Harris2146
Jay Lee2387
Ben Whitehead2083
Paul Smith2875
Tom Pullen3199
Max Davidson000
Mike Connolly3495
Ben Cotter2696
Joe Hills057
Dave Warburton2889
Paul Fernandez2071
Glen Dowdell2770
Ken Dillon0054
Lee Philpott2560