November 2018 – Poult Wood

Last month of 2018. Will there be a 2019 with the sudden lack of interest by many. Burgey and Nelly will, however, definitely be playing as they contest the CGS crown. Who will be victorious…..

StrokePointsBest 6 Scores (lowest in brackets)
Kirk Weyman34182
Dave Lee29198
Kaan Son31198
Lee Burge30206
Jason Barran30169
Dan Marchant30183
Rob RobinsonZzzzZzzz022
Mike Harvey42207
Neil Philpott30209
Jim PerkinsBack toNormal098
John Lee38199
Loul LeeTurned intoRob189 (25)
Mark HarrisGoneAWOL157 (28)
Jay Lee30199
Ben Whitehead38187
Paul O’BrienNot anotherRob??081