October 2019 – Darenth Valley

A surprise September winner in Mr C, chose Darenth for October. A scorable course but the weather is turning. Who will stake their claim for the title in the penultimate month of the season….

StrokePointsBest 6 scores (worst in brackets)
Kirk Weyman10726173 (26)
Dave Lee8332193 (31)
Kaan Son7540205 (31)
Lee Burge9743192 (25)
Jason Barran10329162 (21)
Dan Marchant10425191 (25)
Rob Robinson10723167 (23)
Mike Harvey10722133 (12)
Neil Philpott8734172 (24)
Jim Perkins8731158 ()
John Lee8931197 (31)
Loul LeeDNPDNP160 (15)
Mark Harris10622168 (22)
Jay Lee9632178 (26)
Ben Whitehead10134194 (28)
Paul O’Brien11428182 (26)
Tom Pullen9732059
Max Davidson8934060