October 2022 – Chelsfield Lakes

Everyone’s favourite scoring course. Will it be Nelly or Kaan that takes advantage on the penultimate month of the year….

StrokePointsBest 6 Scores (lowest score in brackets)
Kirk Weyman197 (29)
Dave Lee8135206 (31)
Kaan Son34211 (32)
Lee Burge194 (26)
Jason Barran31171
Dan Marchant139
Rob Robinson37206 (29)
Mike Harvey38206 (26)
Neil Philpott40216 (32)
Jim Perkins066
John Lee158
Loul Lee8145139
Mark Harris174 (24)
Jay Lee9633189 (29)
Ben Whitehead32198 (25)
Paul Smith29189 (23)
Tom Pullen128
Max Davidson033
Mike Connolly36200 (29)
Ben Cotter30180 (27)
Joe Hills074
Dave Warburton064
Paul Fernandes36070
Glen Dowdell019
Ken Dillon036