September 2022 – Cobtree

Chilli Shield Final Part 2 and the first month where the table will really begin to take shape…..

StrokePointsBest 6 Scores (lowest score in brackets)
Kirk Weyman9829197 (29)
Dave Lee8231202 (31)
Kaan Son7834205 (28)
Lee Burge9435194 (26)
Jason Barran8334140
Dan Marchant9431139
Rob Robinson8834189 (20)
Mike Harvey9536192 (24)
Neil Philpott7839206 (28)
Jim Perkins066
John Lee8532158
Loul Lee094
Mark Harris10424174 (24)
Jay Lee10028184 (28)
Ben Whitehead9630185 (19)
Paul Smith10923181 (21)
Tom Pullen128
Max Davidson033
Mike Connolly8833193 (29)
Ben Cotter8136176 (23)
Joe Hills074
Dave Warburton8137064
Paul Fernandes9034034
Glen Dowdell11419019
Ken Dillon9836036