October 2023 – Weald of Kent

Just 2 rounds to go in the 2023 season and we have our Chilli Shield final between Dave and Casey…..

StrokePointsBest 6 Scores
Kirk Weyman0092
Dave Lee32207
Kaan Son34202
Lee Burge32188
Jason Barran0106
Dan Marchant0183
Rob Robinson0165
Mike Harvey0109
Neil Philpott29173
Jim Perkins084
John Lee32194
Loul Lee0125
Mark Harris0171
Jay Lee35206
Ben Whitehead0172
Paul Smith33173
Tom Pullen41206
Max Davidson0045
Mike Connolly35203
Ben Cotter28205
Joe Hills0090
Dave Warburton0118
Paul Fernandez19170
Glen Dowdell29174
Ken Dillon31186
Lee Philpott37211